Human Resources for Health: Rwanda

Published May 8th, 2015

Poor countries lack sufficient skilled doctors, nurses, community health workers, and health managers to run effective health systems. Since 2011, CHAI has helped the government of Rwanda move towards establishing a world-class health system by implementing an unprecedented program to educate Rwandan doctors, nurses, and health managers in Rwanda. CHAI helped the Rwandan government develop its human resource plan and facilitated a consortium of 18 schools: 13 universities, nine medical schools, six nursing schools, one school of public health, and two schools of dentistry, to send over 100 faculty members per year to Rwanda for seven years to work with their Rwandese colleagues to develop a world-class health education system. During this period, enough Rwandese medical education professionals will be educated to world-class standards so that the foreign presence is no longer necessary. In addition, CHAI is assisting the government to invest in equipment to upgrade its teaching hospitals and schools.