Expansion into Vaccines

Published May 8th, 2015

Immunizing infants against a variety of vaccine-preventable diseases is one of the most cost effective ways to save the lives of children. However, the rollout of new vaccines can be complicated, requiring cold chains through the country and complex logistics. Significant delays can result between vaccine rollouts in developed countries and rollouts in the developing world. During these delays, hundreds of thousands of children die of vaccine preventable diseases. Since 2011, CHAI has been pioneering strategies in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, and Tanzania to roll out new vaccines, such as Pneumococcal and Rotavirus, more quickly and effectively.

Working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CHAI negotiated a landmark deal to lower the price of rotavirus vaccine by 67 percent from US$15 per child to US$5 per child, saving the global community over US$680 million, and negotiated a 45 percent reduction in the price of pentavalent vaccine, saving the global community an estimated US$150 million over the next five years. With CHAI support, the government of South Africa planned the largest rollout of a vaccine in South Africa in decades, starting in February 2014. The government will introduce the HPV vaccine among girls in grade 4 in all schools.