South Africa HIV Care & Treatment Scale-Up

Published May 8th, 2015

Beginning in 2009, CHAI assisted the government of South Africa, the nation with the highest HIV burden in the world, with the largest scale-up of HIV care and treatment ever attempted, from 800,000 people in 2009 to nearly 3 million people today. CHAI helped negotiate agreements to lower HIV and TB drug prices that have saved the South African government almost US$1 billion; these saving are being used to treat more people within existing budgets. With assistance from CHAI, South Africa scaled up its AIDS care and treatment facilities from less than 500 to over 3,300 to enable treatment expansion. In addition, CHAI provided critical technical and policy support to the South African government to roll out the largest HIV counseling and testing program ever undertaken, with 15 million tests conducted in a 17-month period, quadrupling the number of tests conducted prior to this program.