Request for proposals (RfP) for TESTsmART Project

Published April 23rd, 2019

Across many malaria endemic countries, a large proportion of children affected by febrile illness seek first treatment in the private sector. Yet quality-assured commodities to diagnose or treat malaria are often not available or affordable to patients. In many cases, patients are sold anti-malarials without receiving a confirmatory malaria diagnosis, resulting in over-treatment and potentially delaying diagnosis and treatment of other causes of illness.

The Malaria Diagnostic Testing and Conditional Subsidies to Target ACTs in the Retail Sector (TESTsmART) project seeks to improve anti-malarial stewardship in the private retail sector in sub-Saharan Africa.  Specifically, we are testing a policy-relevant strategy to confirm malaria cases in the retail sector by offering diagnosis-dependent subsidies for malaria Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT) and Artemisinin-based Combination Therapy (ACTs), the recommended treatment for uncomplicated malaria.

This Request for Proposal (RFP) seeks to identify technical partners that can develop mature, open-source mobile solutions for the TESTsmART Project as detailed in the annexed TESTsmART Requirements Document.  The app will also provide a surveillance system to collect routine case management data in the private retail sector to measure disease burden and determine whether interventions are reaching the targeted populations.

For Download: Testsmart RfP